Thursday, May 22, 2014

NYC With a Trip to Long Island to be with Family

It was a great start to the beginning of an amazing journey to New York City. 
Got up early to head to the airport, an said good bye to my loves. My Son was fast asleep an didn't make the cut for a picture op. 
After my flights 
I was so excited to see my Aunt Regina (ok so she's on my Husbands side) but I love her and the rest of his Family. I am very excited to see them and spend some time with them on Long Island an NYC before I meet up with T for the Stationary Show.  
I was so thrilled Aunt Regina brought her son Daniel with her to the airport, he went to culinary school his food looks Devine (did I mention she has a black Mustang as well must run in the family). 
It was so wonderful she had the day planned, she said so we are going to Coney Island and you and Daniel can ride  the colossal roller coaster.
Ummmmm no way!!! I said that would be your nephew's thing not me not a fan of roller coasters. Haha. Lucky for me it was not open. They were still doing repairs to Coney Island and the pier because of hurricane Sandy. (Secretly I was happy but I knew I would do it cuz you only live once right) we walked the pier an stopped to eat at Nathan's

this is the famous spot for hotdogs on Coney Island. I had a fish sandwich an it was so delicious. We then walked to the aquarium it was so amazing lots of cool fish,

see lions, and even penguins I loved the name of one of the Penguins it made me laugh 
An the funny thing was in the pic you only see this "jackass" penguin but the others were up above 
on the rocks it was like he wasn't letting them come down. What a "Jackass" penguin. Haha
We then headed out to Aunt Patty's house on Long Island. I love her place it's so Beautiful an Peaceful.  
She's so close to the Beach. 
When we got in the house her dog was not having anything to do with me till it got to go to the bathroom, then we were best friends. 
I am so grateful to be apart of this Family. I called my husband to tell him how they were for sure Irish (love this about them would not trade for anything)... Lol I always had a drink even got another after I took just a few sips there would be a new one there. Love them.  Even when my Niece Nicole gets my phone an leaves me silly pics 
Oh yes you play with my phone you go live. 
We went to Gino's 
(truly Italian) it turns out this place is right around the corner from Gotti's house. An yes we drove by. I loved the food here it was magnificent. 
This was the most fun I've had in years I can't wait to be with them again!  They were wonderful. Always good to be with them.  The next Day we went into the City, who knew of all days this was the Day that Obama was going to be opening up the World Trade Center Museum.  So we just decided to head close to my Hotel The New Yorker
an grab a bite. But before we headed over to eat the first thing I get to see is Hells Kitchen coming to the hotel. 
We went to the Houndstooth. I love that it ment nothing to them other then an Irish Pub an not something that represented the Alabama's college (so not a Fan of Alabama peeps claiming houndstooth as there's)
till I had to meet up with T. 
  I am going to do a separate post about the NY Stationary Show. There's so much to share I believe it needs it's own post. Till Next Time . . .