Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas.... My Most Favorite time of the year

 It is no secret in my family and my close friends that I LOVE the snow!!!!  Winter is my happy place,

Love the Christmas Feeling
a time that I fully feel like I could take on the world! The feel of a snowflake on my face, the cold breeze of the winter air is what makes me smile and know that life is truly a wonderful place.  I have been in the south for a few years (not a fan waaaay to hot for this cold weather girl) but I look forward to each winter for the hopes that I soon will be on a plane to a Winter Wonder Land. I love spending time in Tahoe snowboarding or even just playing on the mountainsides.
I will always be a Snow Girl!

This year has just flew by lots of new things came into play, as well as new paths to prepare for.   
Nothing will stop me from putting up all my trees and to enjoy every bright an shining moment. 

Blue & White Tree

Red Tree
Fireplace Mantel 
Black,White, & Silver

These are just a few of my favorite Trees. I have 3 others that go up but like I said it has been a very busy year. One that jumped upon me this Holiday Season.  Some crafting was done as well as some fun photo making with Sky 
 She is always ready to help Santa out in his time of need.  Her face of pure shock that she will be leading the sleigh tonight. 
My Snow Princess 

 Sky turned 4 on December 5th so she was very Happy she got an infinity scarf (love getting her thing from the Dandy Lion Boutique) Sky enjoys pretty things too as you can see from her smile. 

    My wonderful Father In Law sent me a picture of it snowing in PA. I felt so much love for him to send me this picture. Not just of him but the fact that he knew I would love to see the snow. 
 One day I should hope to be in a home that I can walk out my door and go play in the snow. One day POPs I will be in that snow with you. 
Happy Holidays and a Very Blessed New Year. 


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