Monday, August 27, 2012

TERESA COLLINS DESIGN TEAM: Framed DIY wedding gift using Vintage Finds by Che...

TERESA COLLINS DESIGN TEAM: Framed DIY wedding gift using Vintage Finds by Che...: I love a good wedding, but more than that I love to create something for the happy couple that is personal, that has meaning and I hope that...

Tell Your Story Book

I want to Share MY "TELL YOUR STORY" Book
I Am so In Love with this Book!  First let me tell You Teresa Hit this one out of the Park.  I Am a Teal Girl not Just any Teal it has to be the Right Color, I want to smile and feel All Warm and Fuzzy when I look at it.  This one does that for me, so with this said I want to say THANK YOU TC.
I Had a lot of Fun Creating this Book You will notice alot of things that you May Find STRANGE ...but in my world when I scrap With Teresa Collins Lines I find I am Able to Use her Packaging as well as some scraps from things already used as Items in my books.  I will Point out a few through out this Project.  Now that I have shared this Book I am looking forward to adding My Pictures to it.  It is a Book to tell my Story so I can remember what is always important to me.
Every Detail Counts I used the Outside of the 3D sticker, this was the framing of the Butterflies in the sticker sheet..I used it to make this Butterfly then used twine for the center body.  
Tell Your Story by Teresa Collins Has been one of the Most AMAZING LINES.  I cannot pick one thing out on this line that I Love the Most.  It is all Just So Amazing!

I made Lots of Pockets in this Book and for this one I cut a few of the Butterflies out Bent up there wings and Stickled them for POP!

You will Notice the Chevron card in the Center came from the Back of the Packaging for the 36 Die Cut Flowers.  I used the Orange Dot Boarder to cover her Name and the Die cut info. Yes I Tend to Use every Bit of TC's thing's when I scrap I mean How could you not use all the supplies even down to the Packaging it is always Project Perfect.  I guess that would be why I am A FAN of her work.

YEP thats Washi Tape!!!  I Framed the Inside of the Cover so I Can put a Picture in and it will look Framed Out... I am new to the Washi Tape but I have used it every Place I can, an not just scrapbooking I even put it on my Nails...Yep Love them on Tips its so Cool Looking Just cover with clear and your good to go.

This was a Fun Page I Love her Twine there is over 20 yards yep that right it's not a typo Lots of Fun Fun Fun things you can do with twine. So this just makes it that much better!

My Baby Girl is Never to Far away and she decided I had Taken Enough Pictures of this Book and need to be Front and Center. I Love that She has grown up with my Passion it makes it that Much Better when I get to Add my Pictures.  So now that I have shared my book I am going to add my Photos of me to this Amazing Project.  Again can not say enough about this line LOVE LOVE LOVE!