Friday, June 10, 2016

June Tag

So with the June Tag it was for sure going to be something for Fathers Day. 
Well my kids have a father who has an amazing Job!!! I knew right then what I needed to focus on. 
I then asked #myhotpilot to help me cut a  image of a Blackhawk on the silhouette (yes you read that right) my husband is the master of image cutting on this machine. He helps me a great deal, and I must say he might even be better then me.  
So once image was cut I went a few different routes on placement and paper choices. The Tag worked great for this part. 
Next I inked and glossy accented the inset of the Blackhawk. 
Now to make the background of the image I used water color paper and grabbed a bunch of colors and Tim Holtz cracked glass stencil to create the look of the New Army Uniforms.
Once I got the look I wanted I then started to stencil the States Map on my Tissue Paper.

Once I got it glued on I then removed the tissue paper in the center of the Blackhawk. 
If you notice the Red Metal dots these are locations of Military Bases we got stationed at.. Now I had to try again and make the ribbon into the uniform camouflage so I mixed it up again 
I think it came out great all the little details are so much fun I even made some cute dog tags out of this tiny die from Dimond Press. I cut it both ways on image to get the full look 
I then embossed a image from this folder focusing on the dot section 
And there you have it homemade Dog Tags. 
 I had so much fun doing this tag and it means so much to me to show my Love for my wonderful Husband 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

12tagsof2016 April

I could not think of a better way to get together with a friend and have some fun. We decided making Tims April 12 Tags of 2016 was a must. 
He said mosaic was very therapeutic..... Well I laughed at first but dang if he was not right. Haha I was so in the ZONE I had cut way more pieces then I needed. So was very happy we decided to do 2 a male and a female. 
There was a great aweHa moment when I saw this one print that if I cut in half it would look like eyes. Yep I was on a roll once this happened. I had the best time creating this tag. I had to get creative with a few materials but he gave great detail for each use so was able to find similar items. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January 12tagsof2016

So I jumped on the chance to make the January #12tagsof2016. However realized I was out of black paper and white ink. Oh and I didn't have the folder. But a friend in Atlanta had it so she embossed it for me while I was at CHA. It was at home waiting for me, I was so super excited. 
I know can you believe 😳no black paper and white paint yea crazy I know!!! Totally need to restock the basics. 
Well I was going to do this TAG no matter what I fell in love with the embossed image and it went from there. Thank you "friend" from ATL. 
I LOVE seeing everything Tim does in his tags I try to follow but I seem to have a Something Shining Syndrome .. And from there I find its nothing like his but takes on a life of its own. Art who knew it could be so fun. 
Here is how it started. Obsessed with stars right now, sorry it just went from there...... 
Now I really felt the need to use his Sticky embossing powder so I could use some gold foil.  (No white paint remember so had to go outside the box) 
Lucky I had a coin "Simplify" already distressed with white. No black paper either so I used black glitter tape. 
I used Tim's Sizzix star die to cut a large star then used one size smaller to cut the layers of this Star. 
Well I am so excited to have made this Tag and I now know this folder totally needs to make it in my stash. 🤗😉

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tags OH My!!!

So it's been so fun playing catch up with Tims #12tagsof2015 
I think this was my Favorite one ... I tried to find the die but it was sold out everywhere so I made my own until I can get my hands on that bad boy!!! 
I am not sure if it's the fact that I get to use my Favorite Starbucks coffee sleeve or all the great techniques I got to do that made this so fun. 
Thanks for the great inspiration. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

NYC With a Trip to Long Island to be with Family

It was a great start to the beginning of an amazing journey to New York City. 
Got up early to head to the airport, an said good bye to my loves. My Son was fast asleep an didn't make the cut for a picture op. 
After my flights 
I was so excited to see my Aunt Regina (ok so she's on my Husbands side) but I love her and the rest of his Family. I am very excited to see them and spend some time with them on Long Island an NYC before I meet up with T for the Stationary Show.  
I was so thrilled Aunt Regina brought her son Daniel with her to the airport, he went to culinary school his food looks Devine (did I mention she has a black Mustang as well must run in the family). 
It was so wonderful she had the day planned, she said so we are going to Coney Island and you and Daniel can ride  the colossal roller coaster.
Ummmmm no way!!! I said that would be your nephew's thing not me not a fan of roller coasters. Haha. Lucky for me it was not open. They were still doing repairs to Coney Island and the pier because of hurricane Sandy. (Secretly I was happy but I knew I would do it cuz you only live once right) we walked the pier an stopped to eat at Nathan's

this is the famous spot for hotdogs on Coney Island. I had a fish sandwich an it was so delicious. We then walked to the aquarium it was so amazing lots of cool fish,

see lions, and even penguins I loved the name of one of the Penguins it made me laugh 
An the funny thing was in the pic you only see this "jackass" penguin but the others were up above 
on the rocks it was like he wasn't letting them come down. What a "Jackass" penguin. Haha
We then headed out to Aunt Patty's house on Long Island. I love her place it's so Beautiful an Peaceful.  
She's so close to the Beach. 
When we got in the house her dog was not having anything to do with me till it got to go to the bathroom, then we were best friends. 
I am so grateful to be apart of this Family. I called my husband to tell him how they were for sure Irish (love this about them would not trade for anything)... Lol I always had a drink even got another after I took just a few sips there would be a new one there. Love them.  Even when my Niece Nicole gets my phone an leaves me silly pics 
Oh yes you play with my phone you go live. 
We went to Gino's 
(truly Italian) it turns out this place is right around the corner from Gotti's house. An yes we drove by. I loved the food here it was magnificent. 
This was the most fun I've had in years I can't wait to be with them again!  They were wonderful. Always good to be with them.  The next Day we went into the City, who knew of all days this was the Day that Obama was going to be opening up the World Trade Center Museum.  So we just decided to head close to my Hotel The New Yorker
an grab a bite. But before we headed over to eat the first thing I get to see is Hells Kitchen coming to the hotel. 
We went to the Houndstooth. I love that it ment nothing to them other then an Irish Pub an not something that represented the Alabama's college (so not a Fan of Alabama peeps claiming houndstooth as there's)
till I had to meet up with T. 
  I am going to do a separate post about the NY Stationary Show. There's so much to share I believe it needs it's own post. Till Next Time . . . 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Teresa Collins Designs: EVENTS/WORKSHOPS

Teresa Collins Designs: EVENTS/WORKSHOPS: Teresa Collins 2014 Events & Workshops January 9-14th 2014 CHA Anaheim Trade Show   January 10th 2014 Timeless Treasures event ...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas.... My Most Favorite time of the year

 It is no secret in my family and my close friends that I LOVE the snow!!!!  Winter is my happy place,

Love the Christmas Feeling
a time that I fully feel like I could take on the world! The feel of a snowflake on my face, the cold breeze of the winter air is what makes me smile and know that life is truly a wonderful place.  I have been in the south for a few years (not a fan waaaay to hot for this cold weather girl) but I look forward to each winter for the hopes that I soon will be on a plane to a Winter Wonder Land. I love spending time in Tahoe snowboarding or even just playing on the mountainsides.
I will always be a Snow Girl!

This year has just flew by lots of new things came into play, as well as new paths to prepare for.   
Nothing will stop me from putting up all my trees and to enjoy every bright an shining moment. 

Blue & White Tree

Red Tree
Fireplace Mantel 
Black,White, & Silver

These are just a few of my favorite Trees. I have 3 others that go up but like I said it has been a very busy year. One that jumped upon me this Holiday Season.  Some crafting was done as well as some fun photo making with Sky 
 She is always ready to help Santa out in his time of need.  Her face of pure shock that she will be leading the sleigh tonight. 
My Snow Princess 

 Sky turned 4 on December 5th so she was very Happy she got an infinity scarf (love getting her thing from the Dandy Lion Boutique) Sky enjoys pretty things too as you can see from her smile. 

    My wonderful Father In Law sent me a picture of it snowing in PA. I felt so much love for him to send me this picture. Not just of him but the fact that he knew I would love to see the snow. 
 One day I should hope to be in a home that I can walk out my door and go play in the snow. One day POPs I will be in that snow with you. 
Happy Holidays and a Very Blessed New Year.