Saturday, July 28, 2012

Downtown Disney

Dropped my husband an Son off at the suite so they could rest. Then my Daughter an I left to do some Shopping in Downtown Disney were we also saw some amazing Lego formations and we liked that there was no lines for the other Disney icons.
We decided we wanted seafood and ate at Cap'n Jacks. Then did a bit more shopping and headed back to the resort to go Swim with the Family it was a great way to end the day. I'll share a few pics from the trip do far. It's been a great trip I love spending time with my family.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Way to start our Trip!

Ok this post will showcase the talents of my husbands Flight Students! See being creative is not just for us ladies... For my husbands Students printed Labels to put on a case of good bye beer. They cut n pasted a longhorn on the beer case box along with printed labels on the bottles. My husband was so happy they put this personal touch on it n text me pics So while we were packing for our Family Vacation he was loading them into the cooler (to drink at destination) and low an behold they put a Texas A&M (my team as most students know of our history and rivalry) label on one. He almost lost it while I was Rolling on the Floor wishing I had caught that first reaction, but I was so taken back that I jumped till I saw it... Its times like this that I wish I could give them there final check ride cuz I wouldn't even have them fly I would just give the the go ahead to move on :-D He was quick to get on the phone to get the status of who would be giving them there final check ride, and so it starts hehe boys being boys. Now they'll be fine but I think they may sweat it out a bit.
Well off for some Family Fun

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Home and Catching up

Now home from CHA, I have lots to do before I leave for my Family Vacation to Disney World! It's been along time that my Daughters been away and I'm happy we'll all be together as a family. I have so much to do before we leave not to mention my dog is not letting me out of her site.
I have had an amazing time at CHA I met a lot of people and got to see a lot of new things (machines) and got to spend some quality time with some great Friends! I am Thankful I have great friends like I do now. It makes my days full of laughter and good times.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Navy Pier

I just have to Say I Love Love Love Navy Pier. We went Yesterday after a fast trip to a hip Target. It was so Nice to have some fun with Great Girl Friends.
After stealing Teresa n her lovely Daughter who I might add is just like her mom and so photogenic.
We all had a super Time, and here is a shocker I yes "ME" got on a Ferris Wheel it was a Sloooooow moving one so I did ok as long as I kept my focus on taking pics ... I even stood up on the Seat at the top to get a great shot of T an her Daughter.
This was a wonderful day an I am looking so forward to all the fun today at CHA!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Bit of The Road Trip to CHA

Having Happy Hour at the Hotel in Chicago. It has been a Long and eventful Trip, I am winding down but enjoying every Sec of this Trip. I will add some pictures to Highlight a few things that has happened. You knew we were in Indiana once all my Flex Fuel started to show up everywhere .... I even had to pull into a field to have some fun in the Corn Field.
We hit 3 MAJOR Road (interstate change) Closures that made for a very long and eventful time at Chattanooga , and 2 in Louisville last was the worst!!!! It just Dropped us in the Hood an no re route signs ... My Nav kept re routing me to get back on but all were closed. It was the worst thing EVER!!!
I look forward to seeing what CHA has on Tuesday-Thursday.
Well just saw Tim Holtz an M just went giddy as a School Girl it just made her night and the fact he is on our floor even better :-)
Well I will blog a bit more tomorrow but for now I'm off for a walk.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Craft Project 4 CHA

My Craft Projects are complete for me an the Girls that will be going to CHA with me. We are making a Girls Road Trip out of it. I will be Driving up to GA to grab some Girls Then off the Chicago we will go....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Packing for My Trip to Chicago

Sky decided she was going to help me pack but only if it meant she could help me pick out pretty jewelry ... I think I even caught her hiding a few ;-). She had been giving me to cold treatment once she saw my bags come out ... She knows this means Mommy is leaving. So I was more then Happy when she wanted to help.
3 more days n I'm hitting the road.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Best Friend...

I going to share a picture of my Sweet Baby Girl... She didn't seem to like me putting the new bandanna in my hair. She was bumping me poking me jumping up to try n get it. So with this odd behavior I asked her " what you don't like it and well she sat all nice and in our world this usually is the pose waiting for pictures ... I took it off and she tilted her head so I put it around her neck ... Well must say it does look better on her :-)

CHA = Crunch Hour Anxiety

So it's that time... CHA in Chicago an I am not even close to being ready! I had everything on a list, an well as the list got longer I am finding myself trying to crunch it all into the few days left. Loving my Projects for CHA and I'm super Excited to see my Girl TC she will be super busy but we will make it happen for some girl time.
My Husband is so excited that I will be back after this trip an there will be nothing but Family Time for us at Disney World! So blessed! My Daughter will be meeting us there from college. We'll be a whole Family again under one roof 💗

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I AM Soooo In Love with this Line!!!
TERESA COLLINS DESIGN TEAM: NEW Vintage Finds reveal!: We are all so excited to announce today....... Vintage Finds . This is a stunning collection, beautiful details.  To see the full collecti...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still new to Blogging

I am still new at this Blogging thing. I set it up so I can post n share my way through Europe. But I have realized I do not know much about it so I will need to start now with a few things in my everyday life so when I'm over there I will know how to utilize this to Its full ability. So please understand this is a learning curve for me.

Monday, July 2, 2012

A few Fun Projects with Oldies but Goodies....

For those who know me Know that I am a HUGE Teresa Collins Fan (and No my Name Really is TC) I can never run out of ways to use her Lines so here is a Look at a few Past and Recent Projects.

A Project I Started to Use my Old DVD cases and it is a Fun Way to Make Mini Books.  I will show the Completed Project with all the Embelishments on a Later Date Just thought I would add this to the Mix Of Fun Things to Make with Teresa's Lines.