Monday, September 10, 2012

My Paper Pumpkins

I am so Happy about the response I got back on my Paper Pumpkins. I do these Every Year, they always take on a new Look with each Paper used on them. I loved the Vintage Finds line by Teresa Collins this year an knew right away I was going to be doing these 100% with that line! So I am excited to share these with you.
I was so honored when I posted them on Instagram and Tagged the Queen herself in the picture to show her how amazing her paper line makes my pumpkins look. And she requested I send a copy to her, I did and she shared it on her design FB page. It went crazy people loved them. Now I think it was really her paper that was obber goodness but it made the pumpkins my best yet!!! I'm going to need to reorder paper so I can make a pumpkin patch all of TC's Vintage Finds.

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