Monday, November 26, 2012

Family Christmas Photo in the works

So every Year we have Done Family Pictures to put in my Christmas Cards. Last year was hard with a child away at College didn't quite know how to incorporate her into the family picture it was a hard time for me the first time she would not be in them so this year, To keep with family traditions she took her own pictures. and well the rest of us we went out as a family with the dog to the cotton fields in Alabama. Ever since we moved down here and I saw the Cotton Fields in Full Bloom it made me Smile. For it Reminded me of the snow that I always got to see during this time of the year. I knew one year I wanted to use these cotton fields as the backdrop to our family photo. I mean if I can't have snow I guess I'll take the next blanket of white I can get. So here is a peak of our pictures an the time we played in the Alabama Snow.

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