Thursday, July 26, 2012

Great Way to start our Trip!

Ok this post will showcase the talents of my husbands Flight Students! See being creative is not just for us ladies... For my husbands Students printed Labels to put on a case of good bye beer. They cut n pasted a longhorn on the beer case box along with printed labels on the bottles. My husband was so happy they put this personal touch on it n text me pics So while we were packing for our Family Vacation he was loading them into the cooler (to drink at destination) and low an behold they put a Texas A&M (my team as most students know of our history and rivalry) label on one. He almost lost it while I was Rolling on the Floor wishing I had caught that first reaction, but I was so taken back that I jumped till I saw it... Its times like this that I wish I could give them there final check ride cuz I wouldn't even have them fly I would just give the the go ahead to move on :-D He was quick to get on the phone to get the status of who would be giving them there final check ride, and so it starts hehe boys being boys. Now they'll be fine but I think they may sweat it out a bit.
Well off for some Family Fun

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